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What is Kamakhya Sindoor? Benefits, Uses and Puja Vidhi of Kamiya Sindoor, Call or Whatsapp +919818542254

Kamakhya Sindoor


What is Kamiya or Kamakhya Sindoor?


Kamiya or Kamakhya sindoor is the auspicious prasad of the goddess Kamakhya Devi which is found only once a year in the month of June from Kamakhya Temple. It is actually a form of solid rock which is very powerful and has auspicious properties.


You can get the description of auspicious Kamakhya Sindoor is “Kalki Purana” also, where all details with uses and benefits are described.


Kamakhya Temple is most powerful Shakti Peeth among all and from this Shakti peetha Kamakhya Prasad obtain in form of Sindoor, Vastra and Jal.


If you grind it then it converts in powder form and then you can use it. Rock solid form is the symbol of originality of Kamakhya Sindoor because no one can mix anything in rock.


This sindoor is distributed after arranging a three day fest in which the temple is closed, the fest is known by the name “Ambubachi Mela” not just the devotees but tantrik’s, black magic practionar and Pandit’s also come to obtain this sindoor as they believe it will help them achieve the divine blessings of goddess Shakti and increase their power to the maximum limit.


How to identify Original Kamakhya Sindoor?


We received original Kamakhya Sindoor every year from the Kamakhya Temple, so we are describing here the symbol of authenticity of original Kamakhya Sindoor.


  • Main symbol of Authenticity is that it is not obtained in powder form; it obtains in Rock solid crystal form.
  • Its original color is Reddish (Red and Black Mix), not vermilion color or any other.
  • There are some shining particles in this, without shining particles can be duplicate or fake Kamakhya Sindoor.
  • Its pieces shape will be like the small broken bricks shape.
  • If anybody offer you powder form then it can be fake or duplicate, always prefer the solid form sindoor.
  • Don’t trust Kamakhya Sindoor on cheap price, because it is very rare and obtain in very less quantity so in cheap price it can be fake or duplicate Kamakhya Sindoor.
  • Always buy Kamakhya Sindoor from where you get the associated Puja Vidhi with the mantra, because it is very important to follow the actual use vidhi process.


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Why Kamakhya Sindoor is so important?


Kamakhya Sindoor obtain only one time from the Kamakhya Temple during the Ambubachi Mela every year in June month, except this time you will never get the Kamakhya Sindoor from the temple.


This sindoor is very important as it is the only sindoor found in rock solid form; this sindoor is so powerful that it can solve all your life problems.


It acts as a source of receiving blessing of the Aadishakti Sati Mata in your life which is enough to resolve problems of your life and to make you observe all that you desire in this lifetime.


If you want to know more about Kamakhya Sindoor from our expert then contact us on +919870286388 or send your details via given form for call back.


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In what kind of problems Kamakhya Sindoor can help you?


Kamakhya Sindoor is very useful for problems of life, if you use it then it will remove your problems, in these problems Kamakhya Sindoor will help you:


  • Love and relationship problems
  • Lost Love Back Problems,
  • In Money problem,
  • In Business Problem,
  • In Education and Career Problem,
  • In Job and Business Problems,
  • In delay in marriage problem,
  • In Marital Dispute problem,
  • In Childless Problem,
  • In Divorce Problem,
  • In court case and other legal matter problems,
  • In Enemy problem,
  • In Black magic Problem
  • In Paranormal beings, ghosts and spirits problems,
  • Evil Eye protection,
  • To get Siddhi in any Tantrik Activities etc.
  • For Attraction Purpose.


In these problems you can use Kamakhya Sindoor and it will help you to short out your problems. If you want to buy Kamakhya Sindoor then Contact us on +919870286388.


How Kamiya sindoor can benefit you?


This sindoor can benefit you in a numerous ways such as:


  • Kamakhya Sindoor has attraction power so it can attract all amounts of wealth and riches in your life.
  • If you make tilak of Kamakhya Sindoor then it can attract the person and from this you can solve your relationship power.
  • If you use Energized Kamakhya Sindoor by the appropriate Mantra then it becomes more powerful and fulfills your desire.
  • For different-different problems Sindoor will be energize on differnt Mantras.
  • And these are just a few benefits that are observable as blessings of Devi will vary as per the needs of her devotee.


How to use kamakhya sindoor or Kamakhya Sindoor Use Vidhi?


You can use Kamakhya Sindoor by many ways and it is depend on for which problem you are using it. We provide you complete using method of Kamakhya Sindoor in written form with the appropriate mantra to chant.


In general you can use Kamakhya Sindoor by given methods:


  • By applying Tilak on your forehead.
  • By Placing the Puja Temple.
  • Ladies can apply in their Mang with the normal sindoor.
  • By applying Tilak on any God and Goddess.
  • By sprinkled where you want.
  • By wearing in Tabiz or Locket.
  • Etc.


Benefits of Kamakhya Sindoor


There are following benefits you can get from using Kamakhya Sindoor:


  • Love and relationship problems solution.
  • Lost Love Back Problems solution.
  • All Type of Money problem solution.
  • All type of Business Problem solution.
  • Education and Career Problem solution.
  • Job and Business Problems solution.
  • Delay in marriage problem solution.
  • Marital Dispute problem solution.
  • Most beneficial in Childless Problem solution.
  • Divorce Problem solution.
  • It helps in Court case and other legal matter problems solution.
  • Enemy problem solution.
  • Black magic removal.
  • Paranormal beings, ghosts and spirits problems solution.
  • From Evil Eye protection.
  • For Visa and Going abroad problem solution.


Kamakhya Sindoor


What is Siddh Kamakhya Sindoor?


If you energize Kamakhya Sindoor by the appropriate Mantra on your Name, birth chart and Gotra then it becomes Siddh or Energized and Siddh one is more powerful sindoor, but except you no one can use this sindoor then.


We will recommend you that always buy the Energize Sindoor on your Name and birth chart details.


If you want energize Kamakhya Sindoor then contact us and share your birth details on +919870286388.


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How you can get Kamakhya Sindoor from us?


You can Buy Kamakhya Sindoor from us in 3 forms:


  • Without Siddh or Energize Kamakhya Sindoor.
  • Siddh by Specific Mantra.
  • Siddh on Name, birth details and Gotra.


And you can buy Kamakhya Sindoor from us via given methods:


  • Via Payment in Bank account.
  • Via Payment Online from your Debit/Credit/Net Banking.
  • Via Cash on Delivery (COD).


How to buy Kamakhya Sindoor if you are from Out Side India?


If you are from other country than India then you can pay us via Western Union Money Transfer and then we will send Kamakhya Sindoor to your address via international courier services.


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