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Kamakhya Sindoor

 Kamakhya Sindoor Significance of Kamakhya Devi

Kamakhya Devi or as her devotees refer to her as kamiya maa and Kamakhya devi is the goddess of fulfilling desires of everything we want in our life which is related to the worldly pleasures.

To know about the origin of the goddess we have to back in time when the supreme deity lord shiva got married to the adishakti sati.

Sati was the daughter of a great king who was the most important man in the world at that time known by the name of Daksh prajapati, the very word prajapati means ruler of people.

Sati have always admired shiva and wanted to marry him but her father was always against it as he never accepted shiva to be his son in law, as for a king it was difficult to accept somebody for his daughter who lives in the despair and away from society who do not take pride in his living and welcome ghosts, spirits, paranormal beings, gods and every creature of earth with equal stature.


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Shiva as we know is the bholenath he is the most innocent just like a child and child do not see difference in anyone.


कामाख्या सिन्दूर के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


But sati still went on to marry shiva and this just fueled the fire in her father. Once daksh arranged a Hawan in which he called all the gods but did not welcomed his own son in law lord shiva, on learning this sati went to her father and asked him to repent his mistake but instead of listening to her he insulted lord shiva to such an extent that devi sati sat in the fire of the Hawan to make him realize his grave mistake.

On learning this shiva carried her dead body all around the world in sadness of losing his wife, to stop his grief Lord Vishnu released his sudarshan and cut off the body of Devi sati which fell over earth. The place where the vulva part fell the temple of kamakhya maa was created there, in altogether there were fifty one pieces which are converted into temples of shaktipeeth.


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What is Kamiya Sindoor?

Kamiya sindoor is the blessing of the goddess which is found only once a year in the month of June. It is actually a form of sindoor in the form of solid rock which is very powerful and has miraculous properties.

The followers and devotees from all over the world reach Assam Guwahati to seek the auspicious and divine blessings of the goddess.

This sindoor is distributed after arranging a three day fest in which the temple is closed, the fest is known by the name ambu bachi mela not just the devotees but tantriks, black magic practionar and pandits also come to obtain this sindoor as they believe it will help them achieve the divine blessings of goddess and increase their power to the maximum limit.

Why is it so important?

This sindoor is very important as it is the only sindoor found in rock solid form, this sindoor is so powerful that it can create magnetic effect between the hands when rubbed and siddh mantra are invoked.

It acts as a source of receiving blessing of the adishakti sati mata in your life which is enough to resolve and problem of your life and to make you observe all that you desire in this lifetime.


How Kamiya sindoor can benefit you?

This sindoor can benefit you in a numerous ways such as :

  • It can attract all amount of wealth and riches in your life
  • All materialistic gains are observed in a person’s life
  • If you have lost your love then it will come back to you
  • The romance and passion will increase in your life
  • Your business and career will be benefiting like never before
And these are just a few benefits that are observable as blessings of Devi will vary as per the needs of her devotee.

In what kind of problems it can help you ?

This sindoor can resolve almost all the problems you are facing such as :

  • Black magic problem
  • Paranormal beings, ghosts and spirits presence in your life.
  • Love and relationship problems
  • Career problems
  • Child problem
  • Divorce problems


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नोट: केवल असली और पवित्र कामाख्या सिन्दूर का ही पूजन करे, और पूजन भी पूरी विधि और मंत्र के साथ करे अन्यथा ये हानिकारक प्रभाव भी दे सकती है | संपूर्ण विधि के लिए हमसे संपर्क करे : 9818542254


Accepting Maa Kamakhya Devi blessings in form kamiya sindoor will make your life just the way you have always dreamed of it to be.

Kamakhya Sindoor is Blessed from the Shri Maa Kamakhya Devi's Temple in Guwahati Assam. Kamiya sindur(formulated vermillion) or kamakhya sindoor is normally used to control person and process to attract desired person that you want.

Kamiya sindoor is used in many other spiritual or cosmic like Protection from enemy OR victory from enemy ,Kamakhya sindoor for winning court cases, any problem which is not resolved by any one kamakhya sindoor helps to resolve , kamkhya sindoor remove black magic effects or any person done black magic on you or bhoot preth badha.

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Kamakhya Sindoor is very powerful in controlling Process & to get your love back, enemy protection ,victory of enemy . Kamiya Sindoor is also know as Kamakhya sindoor or known as maa kamakhya devi sindoor (vermillion). Kamakhya sindoor made or blessed from kamakhya devi Mandir from Assam.

Don't confuse about kamakhya sindoor and kamiya sindoor. They are same not diffrent. We will provide complete details of kamakhya devi sindoor How to use kamiya(kamakhya) sindoor, Benefits of kamiya(kamakhya) sindoor, significance of kamiya(kamakhya) sindoor, importance of kamiya (kamakhya) sindoor

How to use kamakhya sindoor ?

Maa kamakhya sindoor mix with Gangajal or clean water and make a spiritual symbol in front of door. Mix sindoor in water should be sprinked all over your home or office,factory or business area ,apply kamakhya sindoor on every one forehead.


कामाख्या सिन्दूर के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Benefits of kamakhya sindoor:

kamakhya sindoor benefits is positive and beneficial to increase the body aura level and makes its strong ,helps in increasing kundali jagran ,enhances the power of third eye ,protects from negativity of tantra and mantra, build your will power,increase controlling power and cultivates healthy husband and wife relationship.

Signification or importance of kamakhya sindoor:

kamakhya sindoor aries on the forehead of mesh rashi in astrological significations and symbolic color is red.kamakhya sindoor applied forehead and use of the hair for saubhagya.

Kamakhya sindoor considered as symbol of parvati and sati for women.kamakhya sindoor physiological significance to controlling blood pressure and increase sexuality basically for married women .

Kamakhya temple is located in Assam. original kamiya sindor is very costly. We will Also tell you the complete process if you will buy it as per our advices & minimum quantity is 5 gm which will give result.

How We Get Kamakhya or Kamiya Sindoor ?

To buy Kamiya Sindor you have to call us at 09069100911 any time, we will tell you complete details about this. Or send us Enquiry via Enquiry Form we will call you.


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