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Kamakhya Sindoor ke Totke

 What Is Kamakhya Sindur:


It is a kind of Sindur, which is known for its magical effects. Kamaya Sindoor of Kamakhya Mandir is very popular all over the country because of holding magical power to remove various kinds of problems.


To get results within very short span of time, it is also used with yantra siddh with mantra as well as gold talisman.




The Major 5 Benefits Of Kamakhya Sindur


  • It is very helpful to attract person towards you.
  • It plays a major role to fetch success in court cases.
  • To get your love back in your life.
  • To cultivate healthy relationships between husband and wife.
  • To protect from negativity and malefic effects of the planet.


Kamakhya Sindoor Ke 5 Totke


  1. It is believed that if one puts Sindur at the entry gate then the occupier is blessed with the grace of Goddess Laxmi.

  3. Apart from it, placing Lord Ganesh's idol having Kamya Sindoor at the entry gate brings fortune and happiness to the home. It keeps the negativity away from the home.

  5. If you wish to get the positive results in prospect of Surya & Mangal Grah Dasha then it is quite helpful. One just needs to take Kamya Sindoor and offer it to an ongoing water body. Doing this helps to bring down the negative effect of that particular planet.

  7. To get respect, take a betel leaf and put some FITKARI and Kamya Sindoor. Tie all of them tightly and put it at the place where you find pepal tree. Do this TOTKA on Wednesday.

  9. To remove the difference between husband and wife, take KAPOOR and Kamya Sindoor. Put Kapoor at wife's bed and Kamya Sindoor at husband's bed. In the morning, set the Kapoor on fire and spread the Kamya Sindoor throughout the house.


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