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Use Kamakhya Kit in Diwali Puja, Call: 9870286388

Kamakhya Puja Kit for Diwali


What is Kamakhya Kit?


Kamakhya Kit is a collection of all Kamakhya Devi products that obtains from Kamakhya Devi Temple in form of auspicious Prasad.


Devotees worship and use all the Prasad of Goddess Kamakhya for their problem solution in term of money, business, marriage and relationship, legal and evil eye etc.


What products included in Kamakhaya Kit?


In Kamakhya Kit you will get these Products:


  1. Holy Kamakhya Sindoor,
  2. Kamakhya Jal (Kamakhya Water)
  3. Kamakhya Vastra (Raktbeej Clothe)
  4. Kamakhya Tabiz
  5. Auspicious Kamakhya Kada
  6. Kamakhya Yantra
  7. Mata Ki Chunni


If you use this Kamakhya Kit for business or shop success then you will get auspicious Vyapar Vriddhi Yantra also.


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Benefits of Kamakhya Puja kit for diwali


  • Attraction of wealth and riches will be observed.
  • Abundance and prosperity will come in your life.
  • Business and career will flourish like never before.
  • Love and relationship will become better than ever.
  • Health and well-being will be restored like never before.
  • For delay in marriage and love related problems will be solved.
  • Childless problem can be solved and child health will good.
  • Will help to win games of chance like gambling and lottery.


If you want to buy Kamakhya Kit specially for Diwali Puja then contact us at +91-9870286388 or Email us at: .


You can also take any of given product in retail also from us, but we will suggest that use whole kit for puja.


Significance of Goddess Kamakhya


Maa kamakhya is one of the most important goddess of the fifty one Shakti peetha, which is dedicated to the fallen parts of Devi sati’s dead body.


The vulva part of her body fell in Assam region where the temple of maa kamakhya was constructed. She is the goddess of desire, and fulfills all the desire of her devotees.


Whoever worships the goddess will be blessed in all the section of life and will be always under the grace of the goddess.


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How to worship on diwali with kamakhya Puja Kit?


Diwali is the most auspicious day to worship the goddess and the rituals involved in worshiping her follows such as:


  • Before sunrise, early morning take bath with clean water.
  • Get dressed into clean clothing preferably white in color.
  • Take a red cloth and place it in east direction
  • Mark swastika on all the four corners of the cloth with sindoor
  • Now keep your valuable things along with puja kit to begin your prayers
  • Chant the given mantra at least hundred and eight times to blessed by the goddess of desire.


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