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Kalighat Temple Prasad, Kolkata

 Kalighat Temple Prasad, Kolkata Only Prasad Rs. 551,


Prasad with Poster Rs. 751,


Perform Puja and get Prasad Cost Rs. 5100


Prasad Details


If you are too busy with your life to visit the Kalighat Temple then we can offer Prasad on your behalf here and seek blessings for you. A portion of the Prasad which comes with a golden kali poster will be delivered at your doorstep in a few days from your order.




Every Hindu knows about the 51 Shakti Peethas where the body parts of Sati had fallen centuries ago. The Kalighat Temple is only one such peethas. This temple is located near Adi Gange. It is believed that the toes of right feet of Devi Sati fell where the temple is situated.


The Kalighat Temple is believed to be centuries old but the recent structure is just 200 year old. It was created on the directives of Sabarna Roy Chowdhury family that was residing in Barisha in 1809. The goddess who is gracing this temple has 4 golden hands.


One hand has the severed head of Shumbha who was a renowned demon king. The second hand has a scimitar which is representing divine knowledge. Two other hands are doing varada (meaning blessing) and abhaya (meaning fearlessness) mudras.


Book Puja of this Temple


If you are seeking salvation by the blessings of the goddess of the Kalighat Temple then you would be smart to book a puja in advance here. This will make your trip more convenient and stress free.


Book Pandit for Puja


To make your puja successful and get completed in the right manner, you must book a pandit in advance who will conduct this puja in the best possible manner. We allow you to book a pandit even weeks before your visit to ensure a perfect puja ceremony.


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