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Kali Puja

 Kali Puja Goddess Kali is worshipped on the seventh day of Navratra as she is considered the seventh incarnation of Mata Bhagwati. Goddess Kali looks very scary as she has open and long hairs, the body colour is black and big eyes. It is the embodiment of Maa Bhagwati who took it to diminish the demon from earth.


Significance Of Goddess Kali Puja


  • Goddess Kali is known to eliminate the problems from your life.
  • She makes you filled with enormous positivity and stamina.
  • Goddess Kali is a kind of form of feminine when it comes in its anger mode.
  • Though goddess Kali looks very insensitive bur actually she holds a very kind heart for their devotees and never harms them.


Benefits Of Goddess Kali Puja


  • All kind of negative waves go away from you, family members and home.
  • She protects their devotee form the negative power.
  • Goddess Kali lifts up the stamina of their devotees.
  • Deity Kali is the stronger form of Goddess Durga.
  • The house of devotees gets filled with the happiness.
  • You are not disturbed by the negative power or waves.
  • Worshipping goddess Kali cuts down all kind of impurities.
  • The darkness goes away from your life.


Puja Vidhi Of Kali Puja


  • Attire white dress on this day while performing pooja.
  • Install a Kalash having water.
  • Keep chanting the name of all God and Goddess and it should start with taking name of Lord Ganesha.
  • Then recite the mantras dedicated to goddess Kali.
  • Now, offer sweets and flowers.
  • Offer stuff to the needy people after performing pooja.


If you have no idea the how to organise this pooja then you may hire an experienced priest as they hold enough experience and mantras. At the time of Diwali, Kali puja is organised especially to make it successful.


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