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Kali Haldi ke Totke

Kali Haldi God has created a very beautiful world and every creation of god is for a particular reason, we cannot say anything is useless like black turmeric. We don’t consider black turmeric in eatables but it has lot of other benefits more than any eatables can give. Rarely anyone knows that kali haldi has uncountable tantric benefits.


Black turmeric is a most powerful rare tantric product which found rarely and used for many totkas to solve problem like money, marriage, child, and career. It has very power full and hidden energies which helps you in solving problem.


From the ancient time this black turmeric is in our use for performing totkat or tantrism, and an expert of this field knows the value of black turmeric in the field of tantrism more than us.


Totkas you can perform with black turmeric (kali haldi) to solve the problems


Black Turmeric For Removing Long Time Sickness


If someone in your family is continuously sick from long time then take wet gram pulse, jaggery and the powder of black turmeric and mix it together and fill it in two big round shape of flour then encircle it for seven times above the body of the sick person and then give that to cow to eat. Do this for three Thursday continuously.


Black Turmeric for the Removal of Evil Eyes.


If any person or any child got affected of evil eyes then bind Black turmeric in a black cloth, encircle it seven times above the affected one and pour in the flowing water.


Kali Haldi for Defect Prevention in Your Kundali.


If someone’s kundali is affected by the planate Jupiter (guru) and Saturn (Shani) then jatak or the person who got affected can tilak with kali haldi powder every morning from the first Thursday of full moon. Both the planets will give good results.


Kali Haldi Totka For Money


If you are earning good but money don’t stays with you then this will surely help you. Put naagkeshar, sindoor and kali haldi in a silver box and keep it in the temple at your home near to Maa Laxmi for some time and after that place it at the place where you kept all your money, you can see the result after sometime.


For Improving Your Business And Getting Profit.


If you are facing loss from long time in your business then this is the best totaka of kali haldi. You need to take 11 energized gomati chakra, 11 energized kauri, 1 silver coin and black turmeric and bind it in the yellow cloth and keep it in your temple and chant this mantra, after chanting keep that at your work place where you keep your all money. You will see growth in your business after sometime.


“Om namo bhagvate vasu devay namha”


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