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Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja

Kaal sarp yoga occurs when Rahu and Ketu in the presence of sun per person. Kaal sarp Yoga is considered extremely unlucky in horoscope. According to Vedic Astrology horoscope is the sum of the individual to his downfall it’s a side of this sum.


In Vedic Astrology when Rahu and Ketu both shadow planets occur together in the seventh when the sense of rotation of the planets fall between these two planets, then this yoga is formed. Kaal sarp yoga occurs in presence of rahu and ketu in horoscope and this yoga is unlucky according to astrology this one side but second side is that kaal sarp yoga makes the person greatest in its field.


This kaal sarp dosh is sum mentioned in all the sore and painful and many astrologer tells its negative side effects in your life make you fear, fool for making money and you innocent people spent your money for this yoga, but truth is that rahu and ketu built Kaal sarp totals do not always evil fruit .if any person horoscope having this yoga sum of the heights of success has propelled individuals like pt Jawahar lal Nehru, Sachin tentulkar, Dheeru Bhai Ambani etc.


What Is Kaal Sarp Dosh?


According to Vedic astrology rahu and ketu are recognized shadow as shadow planets those always stand in 7th quote in kundali and rotation of the planets fall between these two planets this yoga occurred. Rahu ketu is believe as evil planets like shani(Saturn) in astrology, in kundali when rahu provides positive result then this yoga give you success and fame.


Kaal sarp yoga make a person to become belligerent, combative and courageous in his life and person makes full use of their abilities and are constantly moving forward. Located in the Guru Yoga Kalsarp Swrashi and high amount, high amount Rahu, Gajkeshri yoga, IV centers that provide special benefits in kaal sarp dosh yoga, this helps to make people healthy, wealthy and courageous.


Our Guru Ji or Pandit ji is involved in Hindu religion pujas for three Generations and are well aware to the concern of our clients and understands their requirements. We perform every puja with the prescribed guideline in Hindu Vedas.


So that our clients can get the maximum benefit from the puja. This is our aim to provide the real solution and benefits of puja’s as described in Vedas and according to the real meaning as a mantra holds. To get performed kaal sarp dosh you can contact our guru ji on our sites given numbers or drop us an email on mentioned mail address.


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