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Buy Janeu, Mauli and Kalawa for Diwali Puja, Call: 9870286388

mauli-min Janeu, Mauli and Kalawa Sacred Hindu Religious Cotton Pooja Wrist Thread Band. Remembering the exact requests of customers, we make, fare and supply an appealing scope of Janeu, Mauli and Kalawa.


Following the exact requests of customers, we give this range in different appealing hues and scent.


The offered go is appreciated for its alluring shading blends, one of a kind and ideal quality.


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Further, this range is accessible with us in different assortments and range at take well-disposed prices.


Product Description


  1. Appealing hues
  2. Accessible in all sizes bundling
  3. Unmatched quality


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What Is All About The Janeu, Mauli And Kalawa For Diwali Puja


The Janeu, Mauli and Kalawa for Diwali Puja is a hallowed string worn by every single Hindu Brahmin. Brahmins check this change with the "Upanayanam Samskara" (the holy string service) and is typically performed between the ages of seven and fourteen.


In the event that, for reasons unknown, it has not been finished amid this age period, at that point it should be finished before he gets hitched. This function is an exceptionally old one. This consecrated string of the Brahmins is made of cotton, that of a Kshatriya of hempen strings and that of a Vaisya of woolen strings.


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Significance Of The Three Strands Of The Janeu


  1. The three strands symbolizes the Hindu trinity – Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.
  2. Some symbolizes with Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Mahakali.
  3. Some decipher with past, display and what's to come.
  4. The three qualities – sattva, rajas and tams.
  5. The three states-alertness, dream and profound rest.
  6. The three measurements Heaven (swarga), Earth (mrityuloka) and under districts (pataloka).
  7. The most critical of all is – ida, pingala and susumna nadi, through which the kundalini vitality shows as prana and cognizance.


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