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Inter Caste Marriage Solution

Inter Caste Marriage Solution Inter-caste marriage is a marriage which takes place between two different cast, social group, religion, and sect people. Inter-caste marriage is publically legitimate in India. There is a law called Special Marriage Act, 1954, which was created to promote and make it a legal institution. Inter-caste marriage is increasing day by day in India as it causes by loving of two people of different religion or caste.


One gets involve in love or affection to someone whom he or she likes most. Liking only happen if a person have same habit, characteristic, trait, liking and disliking and mutual understanding of each other. Thus it is considered that a love marriage might be more successful. A love marriage only happen because both the person getting married have known well each other and decided to lead a life together.


But problems arise in inter-caste marriage. Because, In India every religion has its own faiths, principles and rules of marriage. Which are differed to each other. Sometimes a cast members consider themselves belonging to higher cast and don’t want to get marry in lower cast.


There are a lot of cast based group of every religion in India that opposed to inter-caste marriage. Wherever any such marriage happens group member of both cast got in dispute and it sometimes take a gruesome form of communal or cast based riot in the nation. We have seen many cases of honor-killing in recent past which caused because of inter-cast marriage.


We have some good solutions and remedies. After applying these in real life any kind of marriage can takes place without fearing of anything and both different group family also get satisfied and happy with marrying couple.So that thesedreadful riot or killing of couple can be erase from our society and country. You can personally visit to consult our guru ji or can ping an email in our inbox.