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Indra Jal

Indra Jal What is an Indra Jaal?


An Indrajaal is a very rare tree that is not easy to find and is associated with tantrik rituals, the very word Indrajaal is a combination of two words “Indra” and “Jaal” which means the king of gods and trap respectively together they form the meaning.


Indrajaal is also known as Brahma Jaal or Maha Indrajaal. It is very miraculous, religious and magical root of a very rare and special tree that has great importance in Hindu Religion and astrology.


Its great benefits and importance is described in Hindu scripture Dawaratnatra, Ravan Samhita and Vishwasara. It was in excessive vague in ancient time as in Mahabharata age.


Importance and Benefits of Indrajaal


Indrajaal is in use since Vedic culture first sprouted and that is the time of all creation. It is used to solve many problems of our life such as


  • Indrajaal is very powerful in removing the bad influence and evil effects of spirits and ghosts
  • black magic and evil eye effect is also removed with its help
  • All your financial troubles and losses will be recovered
  • If you suffer from vastu dosha than it will be removed
  • Indrajaal also wads off influence of negative energy away from you.
  • It activates and generates flow of positive energy around
  • It helps to prevent theft, attack, misfortune and any impeding danger on family.
  • It also brings good fortune,
  • success in business and
  • Provides stability in finance.
  • Abundance and prosperity is observed in your life.
  • A protective circle is made all around you and your family.


Indra Jal Framed



इंद्र जाल के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Some other benefits of Indrajaal:


  • Indrajaal also protects a family and its occupants from the ill health, diseases and poisonous effect of animal or creature.
  • It increases power to overcome on sickness.


Method of using Indrajaal


A fully purified, energized and siddh Indrajaal can brings its powerful and magical effects. So it should be used in supervision of any occult expert although, we fully charge it with mantras and Siddh before sending to our customers. It is also used as talisman for positive energy and magical power.


  • It can be placed in any holy place, Almirah, living room and can be hung or mounted on ball.
  • It can be framed somewhere in your house or workplace
  • It is very rare products and hardly accessible for people.
  • We get it from our loyal occult practitioner. It is of great importance and provides instant relief in life.

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