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How to Protect your business from the Negative Energy

If you are find the Answer this query “How to protect your business from the negative Energy”, there is answer to this query. It is very helpful article to How to protect your Business from the negative Energy.


Negative Energy is very harmful to business Success. it bring many kind of problems and issues in your business. It is big role play to unsuccessful business. Income sources will be limited. Business growth will be also effected.


Tips Of How To Protect Your Business From The Negative Energy –


In this section, Tips of How to protect your Business from the Negative Energy are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Set a strong intention to clean negative energies. You will find yourself getting calmer.

  2. Yawn away the negative energies. It is powerful remedy to ward off bad effects. It helps to solve all sort of business problems and issues.

  3. You must keep the fresh flower on working table. It bring good energy into an office environment. You will be feel fresh.

  4. You must keep the incandescent lighting at your workplace pooja Mandir.

  5. Play drums or drum music in the background. It bring healing, positive energy at workplace.

  6. Use a smudge stick. Put up a good energy shield around you.

  7. Don’t empty your personal space lie desk, briefcase and cubicle. Negative Energy always stay in empty and dark place. It is best remedies to stay away Negative Energy.

  8. Say a clearing and protection prayer / mantra. Start your day by having protective prayer / mantra before you leave for work.


We hope that these tips are very helpful to destroyed the negative and protect your business. It bring success, prosperity and wealth in your business.


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