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How to please Shani Dev?

Planet shani (Saturn) is considered as a bad planet. But Planet Shani is not a villain. Planet Shani is actually the planet you wish in life.


Planet Saturn most powerful place in the horoscope graph is in the 7th house. It’s nature is airy. That’s why it is must please the lord shani. In this article, some remedies to please lord shani are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  • On Saturday, You should burning surma in the ground. It may be beneficial for promotion and success in job. It bring positive attitude and energy in you. Open new door to success.

  • The native should serve monkeys to ward-off the bed-effects. And offer the water to them.

  • On Saturday, offering sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree. That process may give you good result. The problem who came in your life has been destroyed.

  • Goddess hanuman is one of the powerful remedies to please lord shani. On this day, consecrate the image of goddess hanuman with mastered oil and 7 seed of bleack beans.


    In Ramayana, famous Hindus Grantham, goddess hanuman helped lord shani from the clutches of king ravana. On that time lord shani give promised to hanuman that reduce the bad effect of shani on individuals if they perfume the hanuman pooja daily.

  • Saturday associated to lord Shani. On this day, you must carry black or dark blue clothes. Black color significant to lord shani.

  • Offer the mustard oil to lord shani on every Saturday. Mustard oil count to them one of thing who love to lots.

  • Donate the black things and food to needy people on this day. When you do that regular Saturday lord shani please to you and give blessing.


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