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Buy Home Ceremony Puja Kit

home ceremony puja kit A Ceremony is a guarantee to marry, and furthermore the timeframe between a proposition to be engaged and a marriage. We have gathered in this pack all elements for performing Ceremony in Vedic Hindu custom.


What Is All About The Home Ceremony Puja Kit -


Every one of the basics pressed are regular, unadulterated, sacrosanct and of high calibre and are adequate for performing Ceremony puja service.


What's more, in this awesome hustle-clamor, it turns into a smidgen extreme to orchestrate Home Ceremony Pujan Samagrim yet now there is an answer called Home Ceremony Puja Kit.


It has been set up subsequent to considering our accomplished minister who has been done various Home Ceremony Puja Kit. A wide range of fundamental Pujan Samagrim have been said in this unit.


All the material is holy and quality based. According to your benefit, the material accessible in this pack can be altered. Purchase Ceremony, ring, or roka puja, Ceremony puja internet shopping, Order Ceremony puja.


Home Ceremony Puja Kit Substance :-


We should observe what is being conveyed in this exceptional Home Ceremony Puja Kit. Let’s it out check.


  1. One packet Chandan powder
  2. Red string (Mauli)
  3. Sindoor or Kumkum
  4. Cotton Balls
  5. Matchbox - 1
  6. Supari - 12
  7. Kapur
  8. Rice - 1 kg
  9. Incense sticks
  10. Camphor
  11. New Red / Yellow Cloth - 1.25m
  12. Mango leaves - 7
  13. Betel leaves - 5
  14. Coconuts - 2
  15. Durva
  16. Kush Grass
  17. Tulsi leaves - 7
  18. One bottle Rose water
  19. Scent
  20. Dry fruits (Panchmeva)
  21. Dates
  22. Cloves
  23. Cardamom
  24. Coins-5
  25. Deepak - 1
  26. Aarti Plate - 1
  27. Sweets
  28. Honey
  29. Sugar
  30. Ghee
  31. Kalash - one
  32. Aasan (for sitting reason)- 2


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