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Buy Holy Water Abhishek Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Finish gathering of fragrant glues, oil and heavenly water for doing cherishing love of your divinity symbols and playing out their Abhishek. Abhishek is a religious function of sacred shower given to a divinity.


The word Abhishek implies a sprinkling. It is gotten from the root sic, to wet, and with the prefix abhi, ""around,"" Abhishekam is truly, ""wetting around"".


An Abhishek is the washing some portion of a puja that more often than not is finished with holy water. In puja, a god is called, situated, welcomed, and washed, dressed, encouraged and lauded. The washing of the god is the ABHISHEKA part of the puja.


Amid a detailed washing service a divinity is showered in water, as well as with drain, yogurt, spread drain, nectar, illuminated margarine, sugar, and a wide range of organic product juices. After this showering, the holy picture is dressed, ornamented, nourished and applauded with songs went with chimes, drums and different instruments.



Offering Sugar stick juice, for instance, help satisfy the Goddess of riches - Laxmi. The different offerings have distinctive importance and gives diverse outcomes to the lover.


Offering nectar may bring wealth and monetary benefits, drain would enable a man to achieve an infant kid, ghee is offered to extend your family heredity and have a satisfying life, offering Ganga water would help aficionados to accomplish Moksha, and unadulterated water Abhishek would help expel inconveniences from one's life and satisfy extraordinary wishes.


Substance Of Holy Water Abhishek Kit :-


  1. Panchayats dhoop sticks: 2 packs
  2. Chandan glue: 20 gm
  3. Abhiyang: 25 gm
  4. Vibhuti: 40 gm
  5. Honey: 50 gm
  6. Gangajal: 50 ml
  7. Gomutra: 25 ml
  8. Narmada water: 100 ml
  9. Rose water: 100 ml
  10. Sandal incense oil: 8 ml
  11. German silver pot: 1 no.


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