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Holi Festival 2018 with Puja Muhurat, Puja Ritual, Puja Vidhi and Puja Products

Holi 2018


Holika Dahan Date: 1st March, 2018, Day: Thursday

Rangwali Holi Date: 2nd March, 2018, Day: Friday


Holi Puja Muhurat of 2018


Holi Muhurat Time of Muhurat Total Time
Holika Dahan 06:16 PM to 08:47 PM 2hr and 30 Minutes
Bhadra Mukha 04:58 PM to 6:45 PM 1hour and 47 Minutes
Bhadra Punchha 03:54 PM to 04:58 PM 1hr and 04 Minutes


Which Puja Ritual you can perform on Holi?


You can perform the following puja ritual on auspicious Holi festival:


  • Puja ritual to remove the Negative Energy from your Body and Mind.
  • Puja ritual for the protection.
  • Puja ritual to remove the Evil Eye and Evil Spirits.
  • Puja ritual for the Black Magic removal.
  • Goddess Kamakhya Puja for Tantrik Activities.
  • Goddess Baglamukhi Puja for success.


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There is no one in India who does not love to play Holi. It’s kind of unique festival which belongs to color, Gulal, Guzia etc. Not in India but Holi has become popular all across the world. Many tourists especially comes India to take part in this festival.


Way of Celebrating Holi


Holi is a two day festivals, Holika Dehan and Dhulendi. Holika Dehan is also known as Chotti Holi. On this day, devotees worship the God and next day Holi is played. People wish each other and exchange home-made sweet called Guzia.


It’s made from Meva and dry fruits. People smear color on other faces. On this auspicious day, youngsters arrange special Holi Parties where they enjoy with their friends. And Holi party is incomplete without dance, music, color and delicious sweet. Various sweet and delicious fool is prepared at home.


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Spiritual Significance of Holi


Vyachakashi Sadhana


This sadhana is a very powerful in its nature and is only performed once a year only at the night of Holi, This puja can attract a huge amount of wealth and riches, the puja ritual must be followed along with the steps given below:


  • In order to begin with you must first find yourself a quiet place
  • Now place a red cloth on the floor
  • Place a Vyachakashi yantra in the middle
  • Apply red Kumkum tilak on the yantra
  • Take a plate in which keep some rice with sandal and on the corners make Kumkum inscription of Vyachakashi namah
  • Now place a diya with pure ghee and start sadhana with the mantra given below


Mantra- “Aum blaum Vyachakashi dhana pradyai blau phat”


Chant this mantra for three times and first thing in the morning you have to do is to flow this clothe along with all the puja samigri into a river or flowing water body, this will attract all the wealth you desire.


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Holi Kaamdhanam


Kaamdhanam is also the other name given to the festival of holi in south India. According to legends once the devtas were defeated by tarakasur as he has the boon to be defeated only by the son of shiva but shiva was in deep meditation.


To save all the devtas Kamdev went to persuade shiva with lust towards Devi parvati which angered shiva and he burned him with his third eye, this event of turning Kamdev into ashes by shiva is also a reason of holi celebration.




Dolyatra is another name of the holi festival itself which is celebrated in the Bengal and Orissa regions of the country, the only difference with this is the Krishna and radha idol which is placed in a palanquin and is revolved all around the city, where people come and take blessings of Krishna and radha.


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Importance of Holi Festival


The festival of holi is celebrated because of the incarnation of lord Vishnu, according to the legends once before the time of treta yug lived a demon by the name of Hirranakashyap whose brother Hiranakashyapu tried to rule the heavens and as a result to stop him lord vishnu released his sudarshan chakra and killed him before achieving his task.


When this news broke into the ears of his brother it outraged him and he vowed that he will remove the devotion of Vishnu from all the three worlds the heaven, the earth and the underground to achieve his task he decided to worship brahma through his tapasya but had only one concern and that was his pregnant wife, to take him out of this dilemma Narada came forward and took his wife in his protection for the time being he is gone.


Once he was gone in tapasya Narada took care of the pregnant queen and used to narrate stories of Lord Vishnu to her which the child in her womb also listened and became a devotee of Vishnu much before his birth. Finally, the day arrived when Brahma was impressed by Hirranakashyap worship and granted him the boon in which he asked that he should never be killed not on land or sky, in day light and night, by any weapon, god and any creature in all the three world.


This boon made him invincible and he conquered all the three worlds and established condition on all to worship him alone and anybody who will worship to Vishnu will be killed. But faith had something else in its store as his only son prahallad was a staunch follower of Vishnu.


On learning this it outraged the demon king and he tried to kill his son through many ways but Vishnu saved the child every time. After every attempt of failure Hirranakashyap’s sister Holika came forward to carry out the task, she was immune to fire and sat with the boy in fire to burn him to ashes but Vishnu saved the child and burned her instead, this incident is known as Holika dehan.


King now became furiously mad and came himself to kill the boy and as he lifted his sword a stone pillar broke in front of him out of which Narsimha avatar came out and killed the king with his bare hands. Since then the festival of holi is celebrated to mark it as a victory of good over evil.


Moral of This Colorful Festival


The festival of color shows that good wins over evil. It’s also believed that God always saves their devotees when they get stuck in any problem. The festival of Holi also belongs to Lord Krishna. It was the favorite festival of Lord Krishna too.


The Holi of Vrindavan is very poplar where it’s played by flowers. People worship Lord Krishna on this day. A number of temples belong to Lord Krishna are decorated beautifully. Apart from it, many program including Bhajans, Kirtan, Katha etc., are organized on this day. People take part on a large scale.


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