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Heera Sankh

 Heera Sankh Official Note: We not deal with this product it is only for the Information Purpose.


It is very sacred and considered auspicious if place in the house or work place. It is regarded with the huge respect as it belongs to goddess Laxmi. Here, it is being cite more about Heera Shankha. Let's have a look.


Why It Is Called Heera Sankha


This sacred thing is found in the mountains. Heera Shankha is made up of glistening mineral substance. It is called Heera Shankha as the inside shine as same as diamonds while it is cloudy from the outer crust.


The shell which transformed into stones are called Heera Shankha. It is also called Pahadi Shankha. It is worshipped in order to please Goddess Laxmi and get overwhelmed with the grace of goddess Laxmi.


Benefits of worshiping the Heera Shankha:


  • Heera Shankha also considered purifying the environment and place where it is installed.
  • Worshiping of Heera Shanka plays a wide role to fetch the immense prosperity and abundance.
  • Heera Shankha is very sacred and worth to worship. When one worships it with the all custom and rituals, he/she is blessed with prosperity.
  • At the time of worshipping, one should keep chanting the Laxmi Mantra. It is consider very beneficial to please Goddess Laxmi.


Where To Place Heera Sankha


As per your choice, you can place it at your work table, cash box, living room or office. But make sure that the place should be quite cleaned before placing.


Official Note: We not deal with this product it is only for the Information Purpose.


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