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Hatha Jodi

 Hatha Jodi What is Hatha Jodi?


Hatha Jodi is a very rare tantric and armor product. Hatha Jodi is basically a type of root of a very rare plant. Its shape resembles like two joined hand with clinched finger as we use in prayer. It is very rare because it only founds in the dense forest of Amarkantak Hill in Madhya Pradesh.


It is an unexplored place which even today is occupied by tribes and they know and recognize the rare plant and take Hatha Jodi out from the root of plant after cutting it.


It is believed that the Hatha Jodi is blessed with power of Chamunda Devi (Goddess of Tantrik power).


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Why it is so important?



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Hatha Jodi is primarily used in:


  • As a shield for protection from evil eyes, ghost, spirits effect.
  • Tantrik power and bad influences.
  • It also protects its possessor from accident or accidental harms.
  • It has vashikaran and hypnotism power.


So it is very potent to get attracted someone towards you and winning favor of anyone such as seniors, officials and influencers.


Some other benefits and importance of Hatha Jodi


  • Hatha Jodi is very useful in bringing good luck, fortune
  • To attract riches and wealth.
  • It gives victory in court cases, law suits
  • It also brings success in interview, increasing influence over other and increasing charm.
  • If it is activated and utilized properly with correct Vedic method it can give all its benefits.


How Hatha Jodi Is Used To Obtain Its Benefits?


There is a proper procedure to activate and to gain success in life and so is the case with hatha jodi as well below mentioned step if followed correctly and with complete devotion will activate the divine and auspiciousness of this amazing rare product


  • A pure Hatha Jodi first should be washed with holy Ganga water on auspicious occasion on Sunday.
  • After washing it should be kept on red clothes till its water drying up.
  • After that it must be full immersed in pure mustard oil and placed it anywhere such as sacred or holy place, money
  • Daily looking or viewing at it and lighting essence or dhoop is considered more favorable and brings prosperity.


नोट: केवल असली और पवित्र कामाख्या हत्था जोड़ी का ही पूजन करे, और पूजन भी पूरी विधि और मंत्र के साथ करे अन्यथा ये हानिकारक प्रभाव भी दे सकती है | संपूर्ण विधि के लिए हमसे संपर्क करे : 9818542254


हाथ जोडी के बारे में हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे:


Maa Chamunda Devi Mantra to Experience Powers of Hatha Jodi


Chanting Chamunda Devi mantra during its worship increases power and effectiveness of Hatha Jodi. Chamunda Devi mantra is as follow:


"Om AimHreem Kleem Chamundayai Vichchai".


Our service about Hatha Jodi


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