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Hanuman Puja Vidhi

Hanuman Puja Vidhi Lord Hanuman is son of Lord Pawan.


The people who worship Lord Hanuman always are protected by the negative waves and lord Shani.


Those people have been suffering from the negative effects of planet Shani must worship Lord Hanuman since they will get instant benefits.


Items Required To Perform Hanuman Puja –


  1. Chowki – 1 nos.
  2. Red Cloth – 1 nos.
  3. Dahi
  4. Idol or Photo of Lord Hanuman – 1 nos.
  5. Akshat (raw unbroken rice) – 1 cup
  6. Dudh
  7. Chandan
  8. Sindur
  9. Sweet
  10. Holy Water
  11. Shankha
  12. Banana
  13. Naivedya
  14. Tulsi (basil leaves) – few
  15. Ghee
  16. Dhoop stick – 1 nos.
  17. lamp – 1 nos.
  18. Flowers – few
  19. Kapur
  20. Hawan Samagrim
  21. Aam’s leave
  22. Kalaw


Hanuman Pooja Vidhi –


  1. Wake up early morning and take bath.
  2. Clean the place where hanuman puja is going to be performed.
  3. Spread red cloth on the platform. Install the idol of Lord Hanuman Ji and Lord Ganesh.
  4. Offer prayer to lord Ganesha.
  5. Light up the earthen lamp having ghee. Then light up the incenses sticks.
  6. Pray to Lord Hanuman and keep thinking about God Hanuman.
  7. Show Diya to Hanuman ji and then Dhoop.
  8. Offer flower and sacred water to Lord Hanuman.
  9. Then offer Gud-Chana to lord Hanuman as Prashad.
  10. Do not forget to serve leaves of Tulsi as they are considered very auspicious.
  11. Apply Sindur Tilak on the forehead of Lord Hanuman and affix Akshat.
  12. It is time to recite Hanuman Mantra at 108 times || Om ham hanumante Namah ||.
  13. In the last, Put flower in Hanuman’s feet. And you must say that I am grateful to you Lord Hanuman. Please receive our offerings and reside again at our home.


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