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Buy Hanuman Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Lord Hanuman is additionally called as ''eleventh Rudra Avatar''. Tuesday is the day on which we can petition God for Lord Hanuman and satisfy him to expel all endures and hurdles in life.


There are numerous customs to perform pooja for Hanuman Ji. For the pooja you need to gather every one of the things or items we have influenced a unit of the considerable number of things you to need to perform Lord Hanuman Pooja. Also, it will influence simple to do to pooja at your home.


Complete Hanuman Puja kit is a reduced arrangement with every one of the fixings required for religious purposes according to Indian customs. This kit is in a perfect world arranged with thinking about every one of the fixings that would be required for playing out the puja.


Hanuman Chalisa Paath Puja Samagri Provided By Us :-


The following are the things in this given Kit :-


  1. Batti (Round)
  2. Hanuman Sindoor
  3. Batti (Long)
  4. Match Stick
  5. Deepak
  6. Red Cloth
  7. Kesar
  8. Panchmeva
  9. Ilachi
  10. Gulal
  11. Wheat
  12. White Cloth
  13. Ganga Jal
  14. Haldi Gath
  15. Dhoop
  16. Kapoor
  17. Ghee
  18. Nectar
  19. Mishri
  20. Janeu
  21. Sindoor
  22. Sugar
  23. Oil
  24. Supari
  25. Roli
  26. Rice
  27. Dona
  28. Moli
  29. Itra
  30. Abheer
  31. Chandan
  32. Haldi Powder
  33. Safed Till
  34. Laal Kapda
  35. Hanuman Kavach
  36. Hanuman Chalisa
  37. Lal Sindoor
  38. Sri Hanuman Murti
  39. Kalawa
  40. Mishri
  41. Aggarbattis
  42. Dhoop batti
  43. Gangajal
  44. Matchbox
  45. Cotton Batti


With regards to purchasing Hanuman Puja Kit, we start things out in the psyche of clients. This unit does not hold any sorts of superfluous things or item. Every single fundamental thing are stuffed into this pack.


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