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Hanuman Garhi Prasad, Ayodhya

 Hanuman Garhi Prasad, Ayodhya Only Prasad Rs. 551,


Prasad with Poster Rs. 751,


Perform Puja and get Prasad Cost Rs. 5100


Prasad Details


Besan ke Ladoos is the delicious Prasad offering at this famous temple. If you wish to enjoy them but cannot visit Ayodhya, we urge you to get the Prasad through us. Apart from the sumptuous ladoos, you will also get some sindoor that is applied on the Lord Hanuman’s idol and beautiful pictures of the lord from the temple.




Seeking the blessings of Lord Hanuman gives you the strength to deal with all the troubles in life. One of the most popular temples of the powerful lord is the Hanuman Garhi Temple that is established in Ayodhya. Here one can get every wish fulfilled.


Lord Hanuman lived in a cave at the location of the temple when he was seeking to defend the Sri Ram Janmabhumi as per the legends. The temple has a mesmerizing picture of Lord Hanuman as a child in his mother Anjani’s arms.


There are 76 steps that lead to the Hanuman Garhi temple. This temple was established in the 10th century by the Nawab of Awadh. There are four bastions located on each corner of the rectangular-shaped temple.


The architecture of the temple and the beautiful idols may leave you speechless for a very long time. Visiting here on Tuesdays, Saturdays, Hanuman Janyatis, and Ayodhya festivals is a must to see the splendor is this temple.


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To book puja of this temple especially during the busy days of Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can trust us. We will help you get a puja done in a stress-free way.


Book Pandit for Puja


If you wish a pandit’s services to be available to you when you reach the temple to complete your puja, we can organize that too.


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