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Gudi Padwa 2017

Gudi Padwa 2017 Gudi Padwa 2017


Date: 28th March 2017, Day: Tuesday


Gudi Padwa is the New Year of Marathi and Konkani people. It is believed that Lord Brahma created the universe on this day. Hence, the festival marks the beginning of Hindu New Year.


Lord Rama is also said to have returned to Ayodhaya on this day. People take a holy bath this day and then sing prayers. Rituals also suggest doing an oil bath and eating the leaves of the neem tree. Hanging mango leaves at home is also considered to be vital.


Gudi Padwa Puja Muhurat (Date and Time)


Gudi Padwa would be celebrated on 28th March 2017. The Prathama Tithi will being at 8:28 on 28th March 2016 and it would last till 5:45 on 29th March 2016. During this puja a bamboo stick and an inverted Kalash are used to create a Gudi that is decorated with a silk cloth.


Gudi Padwa Puja Booking


If you wish to bring some prosperity in your home then you must perform the Gudi Padwa puja early in the morning, soon after the sunrise. In case you need the services of a pandit who will let you do this puja then you can contact us. We have access to contacts of several qualified pundits who would be happy to help you.


Some people have the desire to perform the Gudi Padwa puja and you want that too but you cannot do it for any reason like health problems then you can place your faith in us. We will conduct the puja on your behalf early in the morning and send the fresh Prasad to you.


Gudi Padwa Puja Products


If you need assistance in procuring the Gudi Padwa puja products like a bamboo stick, silk clothes, kalash and many other vital accessories then you can trust us. We can provide you with the right puja products at the right time and at the right prices.


Every product would be supplied in enough quantity to perform the puja flawlessly at home or any other place of your choosing.


Send your details for any Query from this form.


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