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Griha Pravesh Puja Kit

 Griha Pravesh Puja Kit No matter where you go in life there is no place which can make you feel safer as your own home and having a home is a dream to many as not all of us are fortunate enough to make one but when you do, you want make sure everything is perfect from exterior to interior but often people fail to realize the importance of Griha Pravesh.


Griha Pravesh is not mere a ritual to enter the house but a method devised in ancient India through Vedic studies to make your life successful in that dimension, well we can make this easier to understand for you as every place have its own energy which can be in sync with you or may be not and if not then it can affect your life physically, emotionally, relationship wise, career and many more.


A properly performed Griha Pravesh can balance this energy for your benefits and can be a catalyst for a positive life.


Griha Pravesh Puja Kit


We as a service will provide you with all the necessary items you need to perform your Griha Pravesh ritual in a rightful manner


  • Vastu Pratima
  • Vastu Yantra
  • Kumkum Powder
  • Haldi Powder
  • Kapoor Tablets
  • Laghu Nariyal
  • Red Puja Cloth
  • Prasad and other things


We can also provide you a customized puja kit according to your demands and need, just leave a query on our website or contact us on our helpline.


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