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Green Jade Shree Yantra

Green Jade Shree Yantra Green Jade Shree Yantra


Green jade


A green jade is present in use since three thousand years, it has miraculous properties of its own, best known for bringing luck and healing benefits it have.


The origination of the metal is hard to trace but is said to from china mainly, as this stone is held in high esteem there since a very long time in history due to its color it is considered very auspicious in many religions.


As this is a very beneficial stone have properties such as long lasting, can easily be carved and extremely beautiful in appearance its combination with shree yantra is miraculous.


Green jade shree yantra


A green jade specially carved to form the shree yantra which is considered to be the king among all the yantras present all together. This yantra represents the adishakti roop of goddess laxmi, saraswati and parvati all together known by the name of “Tripursundari” which is considered to be supreme deity.


It is believed that even lord shiva is spell bounded on one gaze of the goddess.The very name Tripursundari consists of two words “tripur” meaning three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful, together means as the most beautiful in all the three worlds


Benefits of green jade shree yantra


  • Healing from all ailments is provided to you and to your family members.

  • A circle of positivity is constructed around you, which protects you from all the harmful effects and negativity.

  • Flow of wealth is generated from all possible directions, which you never thought are present.

  • Protection from the treacheries of your enemies is provided to you.

  • Fame and popularity is observed through every possible direction.

  • Health is restored in your family.

  • Prosperity and abundance becomes your favorite companions.

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