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Green Agate Shree Yantra

Green Agate Shree Yantra Green Agate


A green agate is a very auspicious gem stone which is known for its powers to heal and providing peace to the bearer.


The importance of the stone was realized thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt it was under the use to heal wounds of the soldiers, it was believed to wear armors of this gem stone to protect from the harmful effects of the enemy.




As we all know Egyptians are famous for their pyramids and mummies, one thing that most are not aware of is that it was popular to keep a sick person in a suit of green agate for weeks to heal him, physically, mentally and emotionally.


It was even a popular ornament and jewelry which was worn so as to keep this wondrous stone near the body to be near positive energy; through here it reached the world.


Green Agate Shree yantra


A shree yantra is at the incumbency of all the yantras present all together, it is believed that it is the dwelling place of the prime form of adishakti known by the name of Tripursundari.


The word in singularity is a combination of two meaning “Tripur”, the three worlds and “sundari” meaning the most beautiful of all, together means the most beautiful in all the tree worlds are present.


It is believed that even the Mahadev the lords of the lords is spell bounded just by mere the presence of the goddess. Now the combination of the most auspicious stone with the most important shree yantra is no less than a talisman in itself, its power is increased to its maximum to give you everything you desire in this world and after.


Benefits of Green Agate Shree Yantra


  • Attracts wealth in your life from all corners .

  • Protects you from the harmful effects of your enemy.

  • Heals you from physical, emotional and mental pain in life.

  • Keeps you under a positive environment.

  • All materialistic gains are observed .

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