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Govinda Shaligram

 Govinda Shaligram This shila can only be found at the banks of Gandaki River located in Nepal, it is considered as very auspicious in nature and is filled with the blessing of narayana, and it has healing properties and radiates positive energy wherever it goes.


This shaligram is been used though out the ages by great rishi’s and sages of India, according to legends it is believed that sages used began there yagna only in the presence of this shila to gain blessing of the lord Vishnu.




Benefits of this shaligram


  • Increases your creativity and spirituality.
  • Heals if you are suffering on physical and emotional level.
  • Protects you from harmful effects and negative energy.
  • Attracts fame and success in your life
  • Wealth is attracted from all corners of life


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