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Gomedh Shree Yantra

Gomedh Shree Yantra Gomedh Shree Yantra


Gomedh is pale brown in color also observed as red sometimes. In Sanskrit hessonite is known by the name of gomed, this gemstone is believed extremely powerful in the kaliyuga. Rahu is the planet which rules it. Rahu makes a person’s path full of hurdles to remove its effects gomed is worn.


According to legends when samundra manthan was at its peak all the devtas and asura were constantly churning the sea to obtain the nectar to be able to live always but the devas feared to give the nectar to asura as they were evil creatures and will misuse its power to hurt all the three worlds.


To solve this problem lord vishnu incarnated himself as “menaka” and started distributing the nectar to each party but was befooling the asura but one of them saw this treachery and sat among the devtas and received the nectar and became immortal realizing his mistake vishnu released sudarshan and cut off the body in two parts the head known as rahu and the body known to be as ketu. A Gomedh protects us from the negative effects of these planets.


Gomedh Shree Yantra


Shree yantra is the most auspicious yantra of all, as it is considered as the king among all are present and this so because it is believed to be the dwelling place of the adishakti goddess “Tripursundari’ which means “Tripur” the three worlds and “sundari” meaning he most beautiful together meaning the most beautiful women in the three worlds, all the goddess and gods are beneath her even lord vishnu is believed to be her younger brother and charisma of this goddess is so much the even lord shiva the prime of all the gods is spell bounded by her glance.


She is very auspicious as known to fulfill all the desires a human can hope for in this life and in the afterlife. Now the combination of this yantra in the form of gomedh is of extreme importance and luck showering.


Benefits of gomedh shree yantra


  • There are enormous benefits of this combination; we have listed some major ones here.

  • Attracts money and riches in your life.

  • Prosperity and abundance becomes your best companions.

  • Health of you and your family is restored .

  • Protects against the bad intensions of your enemies .

  • All materialistic gains are observed .

  • No amount of spells, occult and black magic works on you in its presence.

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