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Get Original Gomati Chakra (Click to Read in Hindi)

Gomati Chakra Gomati chakras is also considered one of the rare products and obtained from theBasin of Gomati River in Dwarka.


Gomati chakra is believed to be very protective for children from evil eye, negative power, spirits, ghosts and danger of animals, fallingand diseases.


It is very rare and natural product, it wears oval shape spiral of shell stone which is found on the bank or Gomati River near Dwarka.


Gomati chakra also represents the shape of Sudarshan chakra of Lord Krishna.


Spiral shape is a symbol of growth, success and evolution. In ancient times it had been used by Greeks as a part of Wicca Beliefs.




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Importance and benefits


It is very beneficial and virtuous to attain wealth, prosperity, health and success. It also works as amulet to protect family and its inhabitants especiallychildren.


Gomati chakra is also used as yantra in various worships as on Diwali festival it is worshipped along with Lakshmi Devi. It is believed that people who possess Gomati chakra is always blessed with good health, robust body and power.


Some people put Gomati chakra in foundation of buildings or hang it at entrance and front of the house and think that it will give them longevity, peace, prosperity and success and also protect them from any harm.


How to use it


Gomati Chakra is used in religious ceremonies and worshipping of god and goddess as yantra. It is bathed with Sandal paste and sacred Ganga water. After that Gomati Chakra is energized and activated with powerful mantras.


It is wrapped in red cloth with vermillion and placed at granary, wheat and rice or food container to get food security and


It is also used in spiritual gaining and Tantrik rituals and siddhis. Some people wear it as amulet for protection from negative power, harmful effect and negative energy.


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