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Godhuli Lagna

 Godhuli Lagna When it comes about auspicious time, the name of Goduhli Lagna emerges first in the mind. Though there is a number of muhurats but the importance of Godhuli Lagna is considered very important. In Godhuli Muhurat lagna, Moon and Mars must not be placed.


As per mythology, Moon should be in the sixth house and Mars should be in the seventh house. And the eighth house of this lagna should remain empty. If you are one of them having little knowledge about Godhuli Lagna then you are at the right place.


What Is All About Godhuli Lagna


It’s all about the seventh sign from the ascendant sign which occurs at the time of sunrise is called Godhuli Lagna. And this muhurat is considered very auspicious to kick off all kind of works. During Godhuli Lagna, all sorts of defects get neglected and that’s why all important works become fruitful.


Apart from it, there is no need to examine all other things like Karana, Day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Navamsha, Yogas, Planetary moment etc., as everything becomes auspicious because of the position of Moon which holds the position in the second, third and eleventh house.


What to Keep In Mind


When Godhuli Lagna is calculated, some facts always keep in mind. Though Godhuli Lagna is considered auspicious for male and female both but Moon in the first, sixth and eighth house from Godhuli lagna is not regarded auspicious for girls.


Therefore, this time should be avoided by girls. And boys should neglect if Mars finds to locate in the first, seventh or eighth house from the lagna. It is not auspicious for boys. Apart from it, Godhuli Muhurat is considered inauspicious before sunset on Thursday.


However, there are some types of Doshas belong to Godhuli Lagna but still it has always been considered to start something new and great.


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