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Ghatsthapana Puja Vidhi

Ghatsthapana Puja Vidhi
  1. Clean the pooja place where you intend to play out the Ghatsthapana.

  2. Bring a pitcher with expansive mouth made of mud or copper and fill it with soil and sow seven sorts of grains like scarcely, wheat and so on.

  3. Bring another arrangement of soil and make a thick square or rectangle bed with thickness of five or seven centimetres in the pooja place. Grains are sown on this as well.

  4. Photograph of Devi Durga or whatever other incarnation of Devi Shakti is introduced in the pooja room or pooja range close to the thick square of sand bed.

  5. A copper or silver or earthen pot is made to be the Kalash pot – fill it with water, sandalwood or glue, blossoms, druva grass, rice blended with turmeric, betel nut, five leaves, five pearls or a gold coin.

  6. Wreaths and blooms are set on the pot, painting or icon. Blooms are put close to the pot and painting of Devi.

  7. Morning and night lights are lit and Aarti is performed. In a few houses a light stays lit for all the 9 days.

  8. The mantras that are droned amid pooja fluctuate from area to locale and shift with family custom. A few people decide on basic Devi Durga mantras.

  9. While offering Prasad, blossoms and so forth the aficionado says I offer bloom to Devi Durga.

  10. Ensure that wet is kept up on the sand quaint little inn the pot with sand. For this slight measure of water is sprinkled.

  11. Crisp blossoms and wreath are offered on all the 9 days.

  12. On the tenth day, the grains may have grown three inch or five inch and this is sliced and given as Prasad to relatives, companions and neighbours.


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