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Free Suggestion on Puja

Free Suggestion on Puja Free Suggestion on Puja


What is the real concept of puja in Hinduism?


Hinduism is more than just being a religion as it is a philosophy of living a life by the teachings of Vedanta; it is a practice of believing in the right doing of karma.


As what you will do is what you will observe later in your life, the effect will be if not on you then on those who are much closure to you or in your family tree.


Karma is what decides everything in your life, the puja of the deities is done to be on the right side of the karma and if that is maintained without any wrong intensions and wrong thinking than the gods are pleased to see and bless your earthly journey.


No amount of right doing and bad doing will go without an effect; it is as simple to understand that whatever seed you will rope today same will be the futures fruit.


Why it is important to you?


Puja is the karma and blessing is its fruit, each god in Hinduism is a symbol of rightful execution of life, following which can make a man receive the moksha from this life.


But there is always a proper method of doing anything in life same goes with the rituals and puja for a particular purpose, you cannot expect to ride a motorbike without learning how to handle it, this will only result in breaking your face or worse right?


So, it is advised to know the correct method and puja for the purpose of yours.


Free suggestion on puja


All the suggestions that you need to perform your desired puja, along with the necessary rituals regarding it will be given to you, a properly performed puja will bless you with the auspicious blessing of the deity and all that you desire will be accomplished in your life.


  • The right muhurat for your puja

  • The right ingredients or samagri for your puja, as it is different from one puja to another.

  • The correct pandit who can perform the desired puja for you.

  • The correct place either at your home, a nearby temple or a renowned one in which you will have to perform it.

  • All such questions that are necessary for your puja will be answered according to your need and demand.

Our service


We as a service is a collaborated team of genuine practionar who have come together to help the mankind through spiritual methods and we are providing this service of suggesting a puja for free absolutely.


If you wish to enquire any puja related suggestion then just leave us a query on our website or contact us on our helpline.


Send your details for any Query from this form.


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