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Free Panchang

Free Panchang Free Panchang


Why Panchang?


The importance of panchang is of extreme level in Hindu mythology, not all of us are aware of its value.


In today’s world we are so much under the impression by the western culture that from the very thing we eat, we wear, to the very thing that shapes are ideology is western for example.


If I ask you that what soft drink you like you would probably name an American brand, the cloth you are most comfortable in you would say jeans or definitely something European.


In the same manner the calendar which we all follow is also western, it is not our own, how many of you knew that the calendar you usually follow is based on the Christian faith, it counts its following dates from the day Jesus was crucified, this is the reason you know your dates in BC (before Christ) and AD (after death)


Importance of the Hindu calendar - Panchang


  • Being a Hindu if you go to a temple for worship, celebrate Hindu festivals, even from your name to everything you do till your last breath is associated with your religion, then why not following the Hindu calendar in your life.

  • A hindu calendar marks each and every detail of the year which is beneficial for you as a person. The most important fact of this is that it is made in accordance to the science of astrology, the movement of stars, planets and celestial bodies affect us at an enormous rate.

  • The term you hear every now then that “everything happens in your life as per your destiny”, your destiny is decided by the very tiniest movement of these planets and stars and other celestial bodies and in together their effect makes your destiny.

  • With every day comes a muhurat that is in favor of doing a certain work or performing a particular ritual in your life and following these auspicious events can bless you with divine blessings of the deity.

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