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Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha

 Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha is a rudraksha which represent the union of goddess Gauri and lord ganesh as on one side it can be seen a trunk coming out representing ganesh, it is a very auspicious rudraksha one can have. The relationship of maa gauri with lord ganesh is in outstanding lesson in itself.


Legend of Gauri and Ganesh


According to the legends of hindu mythology once devi parvati that is another name for maa gauri, was going to have a bath but there was nobody present there to stand as a guard to stop any infiltrator, neither there was “nandi” the royal guard of kailash nor was Mahadev himself even her son kartikeya was not present there, so when no other option was left she created a son out of grass who was mesmerizing in his presence, this beautiful creature was ganesh himself.


On instructions by mother he stood there to guard her and was approached by nandi who was unknown to him so did not allowed him to enter, outraged by a child stopping nandi to enter kailash made him very angry and war between them took off that resulted in his own failure, to seek help he went to shiva and discussed the magic of a boy.


Out of curiosity shiva went to kailash but was stopped by ganesh; shiva astonished by his presence explained him in a loving manner to step aside as he is the husband of parvati but was refused which outraged Mahadev and he cut of his head and killed him, when devi gauri came out and saw this became ferocious and vowed to destroy the whole of universe, on realizing his mistake and to save the universe shiva took a an elephants head and made shiva alive once again.


Essence of this rudraksha


This rudraksha is a combination of bond between a mother and a child, having it in your life will shower the motherly and child love you always longed for. This is a very auspicious seed of rudraksha which must be accepted to lead a life filled with love


Benefits of Gauri Ganesh rudraksha


1. It helps in increasing motherly bond with the child.


2. It will get you rid of all the problems you have.


3. It is also considered very lucky for those who want to get married.


4. Childless mothers can have a virtuous child


5. Attracts love and affection in your life from all corners


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