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Ganga Puja Vidhi

Ganga Puja Vidhi The Ganga Pooja is very beneficially and powerful pooja to solved all kind of problems. In Hindu religion, Ganga is a little girl of Himavat and the sister of Parvati; the companion of Lord Shankar.


The Hindus people perform the Ganga pooja to be saved from epidemic diseases and for the well-being of pregnant women. She makes you filled with enormous positivity and stamina. Though goddess Ganga looks very insensitive bur actually she holds a very kind heart for their devotees and never harm them.


Samagrim Of Ganga Puja –


In this section, Samagrim of Ganga Puja are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Kalash
  2. Nariyal
  3. Pooja Thal
  4. Diya
  5. Bell
  6. Tel or Ghee
  7. Batti
  8. Kapur
  9. New Red color cloth
  10. Sweet
  11. Honey
  12. Milk
  13. Yogurt
  14. Sugar
  15. Supari
  16. Durva
  17. Paan Patte
  18. Agarbatti
  19. Saffron
  20. Fruits
  21. Flower
  22. Rice
  23. Aarti stand
  24. Hawan Samagri
  25. Photo of Goddess Ganga and Lord Ganesh


Ganga Pooja Vidhi –


In this section, Ganga Puja Vidhi are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Place the Chawki on a puja place and cover it with red cloth.
  2. Put the Goddess Ganga Idol/photo on chawki.
  3. Sprinkle Gangajal on the idol and surroundings to make the pooja place sacred.
  4. Light up the earthen lamp and dhoop stick to start puja.
  5. Pray to Goddess Ganga to receive your puja offerings.
  6. Apply Tilak on forehead of Goddess Ganga. You may also put Akshat on Tika.
  7. Show earthen lamp and dhoopstick to Goddess Ganga.
  8. Offer MODAK and Gangajal to drink.
  9. Now, it is time to offer long and sweets.
  10. In the last, you must chant Ganga mantra at least 1008 times.


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