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Buy Ganga Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit The Ganga is one of the 7 heavenly waterways of Hinduism and maybe the most critical among them.


The waterway Ganga is a natural sign of Devi Ganga, who is the sister of Maa Parvati. She had come practical on the demand of King Bhagirath and plunged through the head of Lord Shiva.


Ganga is colossally hallowed to Hindus all over the world and millions take dunks in her waters regular to purify their souls.


We have collected in Ganga Puja Kit every one of the fundamentals for venerating and satisfying Goddess Ganga. This kit can be utilized for Special day Ganga puja and for any custom including revering incomparable Goddess.


Our kit have been produced using most astounding quality materials, guaranteeing the delight of the god concerned. These bundles have been made under the direction of exceptionally qualified Shastras and Acharya.


The best technique for quick conveyance is normally maintained a strategic distance from any latencies or postponements.


Ganga Puja Kit’s Samgrim -


Taking legitimate direction from the regarded experts, the GANGA Pooja Samagrim comprises of:


  1. Chunri - 1
  2. Red sacred place fabric
  3. Sriphal
  4. Alta fluid
  5. Janeu
  6. White Chandan powder – 1 Bottle
  7. Red Chandan Powder – 1 Bottle
  8. Ashta Gandha powder
  9. Sindur – 1 Bottle
  10. Roli / kumkum – 1 Packet
  11. Gulal – 1 packet
  12. Moli
  13. Haldi powder
  14. Haldi Gath
  15. Bhashm
  16. Nectar
  17. Kapur
  18. Aggarbattis
  19. Akshat WHITE and YELLOW
  20. Plastic holder 25
  21. Attar
  22. Ghee – 1 Bottle
  23. Diya - 5
  24. Rosewater – 1 Bottle
  25. Ganga jaal – 1 Bottle
  26. Gomutra
  27. Nariyal
  28. Dhoop sticks – 1 Packet
  29. Batti – 1 Packet
  30. Supari - 10
  31. Cardamom
  32. Clove
  33. Gari
  34. Darbha grass Abeer / Gulal Shubh


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