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Ganesh Visarjan

The word Visarjan belongs Sanskrit language which stands for immersion. After 10 day festival of Ganesha Chaturthi, Ganesha Visarjan is the last ritual performed with a great enthusiasm. During Ganesha Visarjan, all devotees get together and chant Ganesha Mantra and takes idol of Ganesha to a water body to immerse.


Why Idol Of Lord Ganesha Is Immersed


Vinayaka Chaturthi celebration gets end up with the immersion of the idol of Ganesha in a water body. The immersion of Idol teaches the real truth that we all are not immortal and one day we will die. Each year we all celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi and take part in the procession. It is the way to understand about liberation called Moksha in Hinduism.


Immersion teaches us that we all have to go along with the death one day and it is the rule of nature. If you come, you have to go as well. And going is not a thing to feel sad since it’s the way to come up in the form again. On the other hand, if you get MOKSHA that means you have united with supreme soul and will not take birth again on earth as you are free from this chain going on constantly.


What To Keep In Mind At The Time Of Immersion


Though immersion is a ritual essential to perform, but taking care of the environment is also required. It is being requested to all of you, use idol of Ganesh made from clay instead of plastic. To take a step towards cleaning of water bodies, you may immerse the idol in the bucket of water and then use it to water plants. Following these points help to keep the water clean.


We need to understand the concept of Ganesha Visarjan instead of following it blindly. And that’s why we should be responsible towards our environment too.


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