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Ganesha Idols, Cost: Rs.3500 Approx

Ganesha Idols In Hindu religion, Lord Ganesha is the only Lord having elephant head and look quite adorable. Apart from the image of God, Lord Ganesha has become true companions of their devotees.


There are many devotees love to place Lord Ganesh at their home or workplace without caring if they believe in him or not. But the common thing is that they all believe him as the source of grabbing positivity. The atmosphere has become quite positive where the idol/photo of Lord Ganesha is placed.


Let’s Analyze Lord Ganesha In A Discreet Manner


In first look, Lord Ganesha appears as a bit odd but if you examine him meticulously, you will come to know a lot. Let’s understand.


  • The small size eyes depicts his concentration.
  • And the big ears belong to listen more in order to absorb more ideas.
  • The small mouth of Lord Ganesha teaches us to speak less.
  • The large belly indicated towards digesting all the good and bad in life.
  • And the broken tusk makes us realise about his sacrifice regarding the great cause.


Why Gifting Ganesha Idols Is Considered Auspicious


  • Whether you are thinking to give something auspicious or special to your friend, newlywed couple or on the occasion of Grha Pravesh, gifting Ganesha Idol is considered quite auspicious.
  • Ganesha Idol is perfect to serve anyone on any occasion.
  • Lord Ganesha is worshipped first among other deities before performing something special and important.
  • Placing Ganesh Idol at the main door is considered quite special.
  • Ganesh Idol brings positivity to the home as well as shield the individuals living in the home remain safe from the bad effect.


So, next time when you get confused about what to gift, do not forget to pick the idol of Lord Ganesha. Nothing can be better than it if it comes about to gift something special and unique.


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