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Ganesh Rudraksha

 Ganesh Rudraksha Ganesh Rudraksha is a form of rudraksha which have similar face as of lord ganesh with a trunk formed on the side, lord ganesh as we all know is the god of prosperity, he is the son of the lord of lords Mahadev himself.


According to legends the first rudraksha was formed from the tear of shiva, which was a cause of coming out of his deep meditating state from almost thousand years, as a result that tear grew up to be the first seed which we know as a rudraksha tree.


Ganesh on the other hand is a seed of shiva and parvati as well so having a rudraksha which is a combination two supreme events is very auspicious in nature.


If there is any god accept maa ganga who makes you rid of your sins of this life, your past life that is also vignaharta himself, just imagine if coming to your house on Ganpati visarjan for twenty one days, he takes away all the impurities and your sins along with him, what he can do to your life with his constant presence in the form of rudraksha seed


This rudraksha is very luck as ganesh is a symbol of prosperity, wisdom, knowledge and eternal success. Once you come under his blessings all your life becomes a meaning of positive example, you and your family members come under the protective circle of the deity.


Benefits of Ganesh Rudraksha


  • This rudraksha removes all the road blocks you might be able to face in your journey of life.
  • It increases your chances at a great extent to succeed.
  • It attracts fame and prosperity.
  • Abundance comes to you from all corners of life.
  • Protective circle around you and your family is formed
  • No harmful effects of any occult, spell and black magic can get you
  • Increases wealth flow in your life


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