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Importance of Ganesh Pujan


Lord Ganesh is the god of abundance and prosperity, he is the vignaharta who takes away all the past sins with him.


He is the son of lord shiva and goddess parvati and is been blessed by the shiva to worshiped first on every occasion otherwise no puja will be blessed and will be successful and diwali is one of the most auspicious time to be blessed.


By the lord ganesh but it is very important to know that all the rituals and associated viddhi with the puja as per vedic instructions otherwise the puja will not be blessed by the lord ganesh.


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Rituals of Ganesh Pujan at Diwali


Ganesh puja is done by following rituals which are directed by the vedas such as


  • Take a bath early morning preferable in Ganga, if you live at a place that is away from Ganga then take bath in the river or lake which is of holy significance.
  • Get dressed in the clean clothes preferably white in color.
  • Now at your home go in the east direction
  • Place a red cloth on the floor

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  • Take vermilion paste and mark swastika on all the four corners of it.
  • Place ganesh idol at the center of the cloth
  • Now offer flowers and leaves to the idol
  • Mark a tilak on the forehead of the idol with vermilion
  • Place kalash with Nariyal in front of the idol.
  • Now offer your ganesh aarti with Sampoorna pariwar
  • Chant the given Ganesha mantra at least hundred and eight times to be blessed by the lord.


Benefits of Ganesh Pujan at Diwali


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  • Abundance and prosperity will guard your home for eternity.
  • Business and career will observe profit like never before.
  • Fame and glory will follow you wherever you will go
  • All negativity will stay away from you.
  • Your health will be of optimum level
  • Success will be observed in all spheres like never before


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