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Buy Ganesh Jayanti Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Ganesh Jayanti know as well as Ganesh Chaturthi.


Lord Ganesh ji is known by many names: Vinayaka, Vignesh, Ganapathi and Pillayar. He is the Lord of accomplishment and destroyer of shades of malice and snags. He is likewise venerated as the divine force of training, learning, insight and riches.


Lord Ganesh ji is the first to be loved in any puja. Summoning His endowments denotes the fruitful consummation of the puja and favours with accomplishment of the assignment for which puja is performed.


We have collected in this pack every one of the fundamentals for loving and satisfying Lord Ganesha ji. This Ganesh Jayanti Puja Kit can be utilized for Ganesh Jayanti Puja, and for all ceremonies including loving Lord Ganesha.


Substance Of Ganesh Jayanti Puja Kit :-


  1. Ganesh Photo,
  2. Gangajal - 50ml [Holy water]
  3. Gomutra - 25ml [Cow urine]
  4. Itra-3ml [Fragrance oil]
  5. Honey - little jug [madhu]
  6. Incense - 10sticks [Agarbatti]
  7. Haldi,
  8. Kumkum,
  9. Abir,
  10. Gulal,
  11. Gopichandan,
  12. astagandha powder,
  13. sindoor,
  14. rangoli (app.75gms) [hindu tilaks in various colours]
  15. Sandal glue - 20gms [Ready to utilize tilak]
  16. Akshada Rice-50gms [Coloured rice]
  17. Kapur parcel 60 pieces [Camphor]
  18. Janeo-1 [Holy thread]
  19. Ghee - 50gms
  20. Diya-1 [Ready to utilize diya]
  21. Holy string 1 move [Raksha sutra]
  22. Deity offerings (dry organic products, confection sugar) - 75gms
  23. Supari,
  24. Clove,
  25. Cardamon - 5pcs each{betelnut}
  26. Red Cloth - 1 meter piece [Altar cloth]
  27. Dhoop batti.(1pkt) [Dhoop incense]
  28. Prasad compartments [10 pcs]
  29. Cotton wicks round and long (vatis),
  30. kapus vastra-1set
  31. Darbha grass - 1 package


Premium Quality Puja Items for Ganpati Pooja. Ganesh Puja Kit Box Includes Puja things that would be required for Performing Ganesh Jayanti Puja.


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