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Feng Shui Wealth Coins

 Feng Shui Wealth Coins Feng Shui Wealth Coins


Feng Shui wealth coins are widely popular for attracting the energy of wealth and money.


It protects you from the negative energy and fetch wealth to you. Installing it in your home and workplace means get sure about the financial stability.


It brings positive energy and you feel blessed with great enthusiasm. Though there is variety of coins available but wealth coins rules over the heart for their magical power.


The great thing is that it can go along with overall home d├ęcor. Whether you frame it or hang on the wall, it looks great in both form.


How To Use Wealth Coin


This coin comes with the Chinese writing and when they are tied together with the help of red string, they become very auspicious.


You may hang or place both. They come separately or in the form of wind chimes and key chains. This coin is considered good for better flow of money.


Buying wealth coin is not enough as it is essential to consider that how to use it. Here we are going to explore about the use of wealth coin.


  • You may place them under the welcome carpet so whenever you step in the house it will let you feel that you are coming as a source of prosperity and abundance.
  • Install your coin to the back of your phone cover or you may tuck it inside your phone case.
  • Doing this, it will remain with you all the time.
  • Take three coins and tie all of them in one thread. You may carry it in your wallet, money drawer or check book. To fetch prosperity, you may glue it to the important file as well.
  • You may place this wealth coin under the fountain installed at workplace or in home.
  • If you have cash register where you not down the payment, you may place this coin inside it.


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