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Ekadashi Wrat Benefits

What is about known the Ekadashi wrats benefits? There is described all Ekadashi wrat benefits. Let’s check it out.


A Bit About The Ekadashi Wrat -


In Hindu calendar month, Ekadashi wrat is a very auspicious fast. Ekadashi fast associated with lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna also one of the avtar lord Vishnu. In Mahabharata, Lord shree Krishna advices kunti’s son arjuna to starts the Ekadashi fasting in the autumn season with utpanna or uttpatti ekadasi occurring during the waning phase of the chandrama in November December.


There is starts ritual of Ekadashi wrat. Ekadashi wrat solve all problems in your life. It bring success, positive energy, power, well–being etc. in your life. The Ekadashi is come two times in one month. In a year, there are twenty four.


Occasionally there are 2 extra Ekadashi that happen in a lunar (tithi) leap year. Each Ekadashi wrat has particular blessing and benefits that one can attain by the performance of specific process. As per Vedic astrology, it is observed on the eleventh lunar day of waxing (period of the brightening moon also known as Shukla) and waning (period of the fading moon also known as Krishna paksha) lunar phase of moon Chandam.


In the bright ½ of the lunar (Tithi) month, On Ekadashi the chandram may see roughly ¾ full, And in the dark ½ of the lunar month, the chandram may be about ¾ dark on Ekadashi. As on this day gains and beans are believed to be contaminated by sin.


Ekadashi Wrat Benefits -


In this section, Ekadashi wrat benefits are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. Ekadashi wrat associated with lord Vishnu. To attracts the blessing of lord Vishnu.
  2. To improve your spiritual power.
  3. To get peace of mind.
  4. The fast is undertaken to purify the consciousness of its impurities at the spiritual and gross level.
  5. If you keep fast on this day, to get the blessings of religious bent of mind, wealth and ultimate salvation.
  6. To makes you strong physically and mentally.
  7. To help improve the working of respiratory, digestive, urinary and circulatory system.
  8. To stay away all kind negative power, harmful energy and evil eyes.
  9. To destroy all kind of sins.
  10. To improving your health day by day. It cures diseases and illness.
  11. All kind of family issues are being automatically solved.


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