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Ekadashi Fasting Vidhi

In Hindu Indian calendar month, the Ekadashi fast is a very auspicious fast. It is come two times in one month. Let’s knows all about the Ekadashi fasting Vidhi.


What is all about the Ekadashi fasting -


In a year, there are twenty four. Occasionally there are 2 extra Ekadashi fast that happen in a lunar (tithi) leap year. Each Ekadashi fast has particular blessing and benefits that one can attain by the performance of specific process. Ekadashi fast associated with lord Vishnu.


On this day, you must worship lord Vishnu. Ekadast fast will be freed of all kind of sins. To attain moksha (after death) and peace. As per Vedic astrology, Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh lunar day of waxing (period of the brightening moon also known as Shukla) and waning (period of the fading moon also known as Krishna paksha) lunar phase of moon Chandam.


In the bright ½ of the lunar (Tithi) month, On Ekadashi the chandram may see roughly ¾ full, And in the dark ½ of the lunar month, the chandram may be about ¾ dark on Ekadashi. As on this day gains and beans are believed to be contaminated by sin.


Mantra for Ekadashi Fasting –


You must chanting this mantra at least 1008 times on this day. this is very powerful Vishnu mantra. It bring success in your life.


|| om namo Narayana ||


Puja Samagri –


In this section, which kind of puja samagri need during ekadashi puja are being described below. Lets check it out.


  1. A photo of lord vishu
  2. Some fruits (you must bring yellow banana in fruit items)
  3. Tulsi leaves
  4. Ganga jaal
  5. Roli
  6. Chawal
  7. haldi
  8. kalash
  9. kalawa
  10. Agarwati
  11. Dhup
  12. Kapur
  13. Phoolmala
  14. Some flower
  15. Some sweet


Puja Vidhi –


In this section, what is the Ekadashi puja Vidhi are being described below. Lets check it out.


  1. To wake up in the early morning.
  2. To take bath
  3. To offer prayers
  4. In the next section, perform a puja to lord Vishnu at house by lighting a diya.
  5. Then doing Abhishekam of lord Vishnu by chawal, roli and haldi.
  6. To offering Tulsi leaves and furits.
  7. To meditate or pray for 2 minutes.


If there is a Vishnu Mandir nearby visit the Mandir and witness morning poojas and rituals.


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