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Effects from Panchak

When the planet moon affect the zodiac signs Aquarius and Pisces, time period, called the Panchaka kaal.


As per the “garudra purana” in the Hindus astrology, the Panchak is the group of the five constellations.


There are total twenty seven Nakshatras and each Nakshatras consists of thirteen and twenty mint. Astrologer says that Panchak is very bad period are followed by good period.


If someone die in Panchak kaal who does not get peace. To be an inauspicious time for performing the final rites of the dead.


Five Effects from Panchak –


There are 5 Nakshatra or rather 4 and ½ Nakshatras which are considered unholy and more prone to Panchak.


In this section, five effects from Panchak are being described below. Let’s check it out. These 5 major nakshatras are:


  1. Dhanishta constellations – it is very danger constellation. The constellations may lead to misshaping or death.
  2. Shatabhisha constellations – it is give you effect to physical disorders.
  3. Poorva Bhadrapada constellations – it may create some health related issues and problems.
  4. Uttara Bhadrapada constellations - it may responsible for other extra unwanted charges.
  5. Revati constellations – it may create financial and money related problems and issues.


Precautions during Panchak constellations –


In this section, precaution during Panchak constellations are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  1. In this period time, you must avoid buy grass and wood related things.
  2. And as well as, in this period time you should properly avoided travel in south direction, that direction associated with lord of death Yama raj.
  3. Never buy bed in this period.
  4. Never start new business related to construction business or any major transactions in this period.
  5. You should avoided auspicious ceremonies like Mundan, Abhishek and marriage.


You must follow these precaution to avoid Panchak constellations.


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