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Durga Saptshati or Chandi Puja(Special Puja of Navratri)

Navratri Puja Goddess Durga is the Devi of power wisdom and prosperity, also known as Chandi. Dugra Saptshati is a vedic text book that has 700 hymns or versus. The book is a composition originally written in Sanskrit language by Markandeya rishi.


The scripture glorify the greatness of goddess durga and describes her victory over demon Mahishasura.


Saptshati means 700, the scripture has 13 Chapter and all 700 verses are categorized in each chapter. Each chapter of this scripture when recited without imperfection gives different benefits.


Reciting particular chapter regarding your problems every day gives instant benefit for your problem.


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Chandi puja, when performed on any Navratri season can be very beneficial. Performing Dugra Saptshati Puja or Chandi Puja removes all hurdles in any fields of life and provides all round protection, wisdom and prosperity.


The importance and benefits of all 13 chapters of Durga Saptshati Puja


  • Reciting this chapter removes all worries.
  • In this chapter reciter wins all types of court cases and victory over enemies.

  • This chapter is very powerful to conquer dangerous enemies.
  • This gives the devotion and reverence of goddess Durga.

  • This chapter also provides reverence and Darshan of Durga.
  • Sixth chapter is for removing hurdles, sorrow and fear

  • Reciting chapter 7 fulfills all types of desire.
  • It is helpful in getting good friendship and Vashikaran.

  • This chapter is very helpful in generating children, their prosperity and getting back lost things.
  • Chapter 10th is also very powerful for development of generation and fulfilling their all desires.

  • This chapter provides all material, commercial and merchandise benefits.
  • Reciting twelve chapters gets fame and respect.

  • This is very helpful for liberation of soul and getting bhakti of Durga.


Book Navratri Puja and Homa


This puja is very holy and auspicious when done on navratri. It only provides its result if done without any imperfection. Only Sanskrit learned Pandit can perform this powerful puja.


We perform this puja for all round prosperity for all our devotees on all 9 days of Navratri. If all chapter of this scripture is recited on all 9 days of Navratri, the beneficiary gets all prosperity, widom, fame, respect and all above mentioned benefits.


If you are serious to perform this puja, we perform this puja for devotees of Devi Durga on their behalf at any Durga place. For this contact at 9870286388 or send query to our website.


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