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Donation for Shani Sadhe Sati

Here, all moon sing related donation for shani sadhe sati are being described below. Let’s check it out.


  • Aries moon sing - If arise moon sing people are donate all items (coconut, almond, black umbrella)related to lord shani for 7 Saturday, they may relief to shani sadhe sati.
  • Taurus moon sign –Taurus moon sign people must offer the water to pepal tree on Saturday. Donate black cloth to needy people.
  • Gemini moon sign – Gemini moon sign people must visit the shani temple every Saturday. Offer the roti and some milk to a black dog on Saturday.
  • Cancer moon sign – Cancer moon sign people must offer the water to peeple tree on Saturday. Start worship on this day. Donate masturd oil to needy people on the Saturday.
  • Leo moon sign – You must chanting the shani Stotra on this day. Donate bread with mango pickle to 11 needy people.
  • Virgo moon sign – Virgo moon sign people must carry the black cloth on this day.Cast coconut and almond in river on Saturday.
  • Libra moon sign –Libra moon sign people must perfume the shani pooja. Donate whole Urad to needy people on Saturday.
  • Scorpio moon sign – Scorpio moon sign people must distribute uraddaalkichadi. Donate roti and milk to needy dog.
  • Sagittarius moon sign –Sagittarius moon sign people will the light on shani idol every Saturday. offer mustard oil to lord shani.
  • Capricorn moon sign –Capricorn moon sign people must visit the shani temple on the Saturday. Donate kil (iron) to shani temple.
  • Aquarius moon sign – Aquarius moon sign people mustdonate uraddaal to needy. Chanting the shani mantra at least 108 times.
  • Pisces moon sign – Pisces moon sign people must donate dresses related to lord shani.


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