Diwali Ke Totke, दिवाली के दिन के अचूक टोटके, शक्तिशाली दिवाली टोटके
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Diwali Ke Totke

 Diwali Ke Totke Diwali is one of the major festivals celebrated all around the country. Though it is the day of grand celebration but it is the same day on which various kind of Totke are performed to fetch attention of Goddess Laxmi. Let’s have a look at various kind of Diwali Totke.


Diwali Ke 5 Totke


  • On the auspicious day of Diwali, you must start keeping first roti aside for Cow. In Hindu religion, cow is considered as a mother. She gives milk which is considered important to have a great health. Serving roti daily to cow brings happiness to home.

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    On this special day, head to Lord Shiva temple and serve rice to Shivling. Keep in mind that rice must not be broken; they all should be in proper shape. Doing this procedure plays a wide role to make the in-house environment happy and cool. Any kinds of quarrel and fights get disappear.


  • To fetch good fortune, light up an oil lamp and place it at pepal tree. You must bear in mind that does not see in the back. Just place oil lamp and come home without seeing your back. Come home silently.

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  • While doing Diwali Pooja, light up a lamp having deshi ghee loaded with nine cotton Batti. Light up all of them and keep aside. Let it light up throughout the night. These all nine batti is a way to attract goddess Laxmi to the home or workplace.

  • Take 11 leaves of Pepal tree and write down the name of Lord Shri Ram. To write the name, you may use Chandan. Prepare a garland with the use of these leaves and offer it to Lord Hanuman Ji.

    Performing these above mentioned Totke brings prosperity to the home. There are many totke but the above mentioned are prominent.


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