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Buy Devi Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit Devi know as Goddess Durga is the mother of the universe and accepted to be the power behind crafted by creation, conservation, and demolition of the world.


Since time immemorial she has been revered as the incomparable energy of the Supreme Being and has been specified in numerous sacred writings - Yajur Veda, Vajasaneyi Samhita and Taittareya Brahman.


Goddess Durga symbolizes the celestial powers (positive vitality) known as heavenly Shakti (ladylike vitality/control) that is utilized against the negative powers of abhorrence and insidiousness.


Goddess Durga shields her fans from fiendish powers and protects them. It is trusted that Goddess Durga is the consolidated type of forces of Goddesses Lakshmi, Kali and Saraswati.


We have collected in this pack every one of the fundamentals for venerating and satisfying Goddess Durga. This pack can be utilized for every day Devi puja or amid Navratri and for any custom including revering incomparable Goddess.


Substance Of Devi Puja Pack:


  1. Bangles,
  2. Chunri,
  3. Sindoor,
  4. little mirror,
  5. brush,
  6. neckband with hoops,
  7. ring,
  8. Kajal,
  9. Mahanadi,
  10. Bindi.
  11. Gangajal-50 ml [Holy water]
  12. Gomutra-25 ml [Cow urine]
  13. Itra-3 ml [Fragrance oil]
  14. Honey-little container [Madhu]
  15. Incense – 10 sticks [Agarbatti]
  16. Haldi,
  17. Kumkum,
  18. Abir,
  19. Gulal,
  20. Gopichandan,
  21. Asgandha powder,
  22. Sindoor,
  23. rangoli
  24. Sandal glue - 20gms
  25. Akshada Rice - 50gms [Coloured rice]
  26. Kapur pkt 60pcs approx.
  27. Janeo-1
  28. Ghee - 50gms little pkt
  29. Diya-1 [Ready to utilize diya]
  30. Holy string 1 move [Raksha Sutra]
  31. Deity offerings (Dry Fruits Candy Sugar),
  32. Supari, Clove,
  33. Cardamom - 5pcs each [Betelnut]
  34. Red Cloth,
  35. Dhoop Batti [1pkt] [Dhoop Incense]
  36. Prasad holders [10pcs]
  37. Dharbha grass - 1 package


All things are named and stuffed in a tight and secure plastic sack


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