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Buy Das Mahavidya Puja Kit

ashtlakshmi puja kit The Dus Mahavidhya pooja is capable, powerful and pooja. You should be play out this pooja, it being satisfaction of all sort of wishes to get positive vitality.


This pooja likewise help to achieve siddhi and Riddhi. In this pooja, 10 Goddesses are being worshiped. These every one of the 10 Goddess are symbol of Devi Shakti.


It is additionally expel all sort of undesirable planet's belongings. We have collected in this Kit every one of the basics for adoring and satisfying Lord Vishnu. The Dus Mahavidhya pooja Kit can be utilized for Dus Mahavidhya puja and for any custom including venerating Goddess Dus Mahavidhya pooja.


Pooja Samagrim Of Das Maha Vidya Puja –


  1. Shanti Path,
  2. Ganesh Sthapan,
  3. Das Maha Vidhya Sthapan,
  4. Invocation of all Gods and Goddesses,
  5. Punyaha Vachan Kalash Poojan,
  6. Das Maha Vidhya Yantra Poojan,
  7. Das Maha Vidhya Poojan,
  8. Das Maha Vidhya Mantra Japa and Kavach Recitation,
  9. Homam with Ghee,
  10. Oats (Jow),
  11. Ashtagandh,
  12. Sandalwood powder,
  13. Navgrah Samidha
  14. Purnahuti,
  15. Aarti,
  16. Gangajal-50ml [Holy water]
  17. Gomutra-25ml [Cow urine]
  18. Itra-3ml [Fragrance oil]
  19. Honey-little jug [Madhu]
  20. Incense - 10 sticks [Agarbatti]
  21. Haldi,
  22. Kumkum,
  23. Abir,
  24. Kapur - 60 pcs [Camphor]
  25. Janeo-1 [Holy thread]
  26. Ghee - 50gms Diya-1 [Ready to utilize diya]
  27. Holy string 1 move [Raksha sutra]
  28. Deity offerings (dry organic products treat sugar) - 75gms
  29. Supari-12 pcs,
  30. Clove,
  31. Cardamon – 5 pcs each [Betelnut]
  32. White Cloth [Altar cloth]
  33. Dhoop batti (1 parcel)
  34. Prasad holders
  35. Darbha grass
  36. Gulal,
  37. Gopichandan,
  38. astagandha powder,
  39. sindoor,
  40. rangoli (app.75gms)
  41. Sandal glue - 20 gms [Ready to utilize tilak]
  42. Akshada Rice - 50gms [Coloured rice]


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