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Daily Pujan Vidhi

The Puja is a formal love. Puja in Hinduism includes conjuring higher powers to aid otherworldly and material advance.


A feeling of bhakti or reverential love is by and large conjured. This term is most likely a focal one in Hinduism. An immediate interpretation from the Sanskrit to English is risky. Love takes a huge number of structures relying upon group gatherings, geology and dialect.


The 5 Step To Do Daily Pujan Vidhi -


  1. Lighting A Lamp - If you somehow happened to have just a couple of minutes in a day for your otherworldly interests, at that point essentially light a light.
    Also, when you light a light, you can state the accompanying shloka given here and say your supplications
  2. Aarti - It is a Hindu custom to end the puja with Aarti, or a petition tune. Here we give sound and content clarification of a standout amongst the most well-known Aarti Om Jaya Jagadessh Hare.
  3. Sandhyavandanam - Sandhyavandanam or Sandhyopasana is the day by day religious routine with regards to the Hindus performed every day for self-decontamination and self-change.
  4. Sandhya is a Nitya Karma or an activity that will be done every day. It is a supplication and love offered to the Lord at the intersection (Sandhi) of night and morning, forenoon and evening and at the intersection of night and night.
  5. Tulsi Puja - . Tulsi is a holy plant, found in most conventional Hindu homes. It is revered as a goddess in Hinduism and here and there considered a spouse of Vishnu, now and again with the designation Vishnupriya, "the cherished of Vishnu".
    The legend behind Tulsi Vivah and its rituals are told in the sacred text, Padma Purana. Numerous Hindus perform Tulsi puja day by day.


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