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Daily Pujan Kit

 Daily Pujan Kit If we are sick and doctor don’t give us the proper medication then our health will more get down, like this if we are doing any puja but not doing in a proper way then it will not give results.

And in today’s time no one has that much time to find all the puja things by searching all the puja items according to puja Vidhi so we are here with solution for you.

We provide you the complete daily puja kit to make you complete your daily puja so that your puja will reach to god and all your wishes get fulfill.

We prepare puja kit according to daily puja vidhi and tried to put all necessary things for your puja in that kit.

Our daily puja kit has all the necessary puja items, these are:

Diya, Incense Sticks (agarbatti), roli, Molli, Ghee, Kapur (Camphor), Lavang (cloves), Panch Meva, Havan Samagri, Religious bell along with Idol or Frame of god, Vastra (Cloths for god), Mala and puja vidhi.

We know the importance of time and money with religious feeling towards god that is the reason of providing you this kit, we know the impact of puja on our mind and in daily life if you perform a proper puja in morning then it makes your whole day good and you can feel a kind of positivity around you.

All these puja items make you complete your puja according to puja vidhi and also fulfill all your wishes by pleasing god.

Want to buy this daily puja kit for 1 Day Price is 551/- For 15 days price is Rs: 2100/-, For 1 Month 4100/-, Contact Our Helpline No: 09870286388.